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RECENT WORK (painting & prints)

Magi: lithograph, printed on Rives BFK 32cm x 50cm, 2012
event horizon; mixed media on canvas; 82 x 60cm; 2016
This series of paintings represents a moment in time when the outcome of an event is uncertain. The observer does not know what will happen or whether she or he will be involved in an event that may turn out to be good or bad.
horizon: mixed media on canvas; 76 x 50 cm; 2015
Faro: mixed media on canvas; 80 x 66 cm; 2015
In 2012 my preoccupation was with trying to reconcile picture construction with emotional events. These events were very simple everyday occurrences such as what might occur when a woman awakes, from the moment she opens her eyes to the moment of consciousness.
She saw the shadow; mixed media on canvas; 91 x 72 cm; 2012
She watched the light in the sky
mixed media on canvas; 91 x 72 cm; 2012
fire on the mountain; mixed media on paper;
19cm x 29 cm; 2014
by the shore - evening / painting
by the shore - evening: mixed media on wood; 50 x 70 cm; 2014
memories / mixed media
Memories: mixed media on canvas; 91 x 73 cm
2013 - 2016
painting, artefact
mixed media on hand made paper; 30 x 20 cm; 2012
painting: shadows painting: illumination
Shadows: mixed media on paper;
30 x 20 cm; 2012
Illumination: Mixed media on paper;
30 x 20 cm; 2013
lithograph / dark shore
Dark Shore: lithographic and digital print; 32 x 56 cm; 2012
autumn / mixed edia
Autumn: mixed media on canvas; 2014
updated November 2016