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RECENT WORK (painting & prints)

mixed media on canvas

"waiting" mixed media
Waiting: mixed media on paper; 2012
abscissa / abscisa:
woodcut, digital and cut paper; 2017
Award: Premio Atlante de Grabado 2017
la Voz de Galicia 09.07.2017
el Correo Gallego 14.07.2017

event horizon; mixed media on canvas; 82 x 60cm; 2016
For Arvon this series of paintings represents a moment in time when the outcome of an event is uncertain. The observer does not know what will happen or whether she or he will be involved in an event that may turn out to be good or bad.
 In 2012 his preoccupation was with trying to reconcile picture construction with emotional events. These events were very simple everyday occurrences such as what might happen when a woman awakes, from the moment she opens her eyes to the moment of consciousness.
More recently he has become particularly interested in the way that history and structures are created out of layers where the present may hide or alternatively partially reveal the past. While not suggesting this is archeology there is a similarity in the way he uses layers that show through other layers both in the form of transparent colours or in the form of actual layers of paper or acetate.

Blaack bird woodcut, digital, collage
Black bird; woodcut, digital. collage print on BFK paper; 56 x 32 cm; 2017
woodcut, digital and collage
Pell (hidden image); woodcut, digital. sewn collage print on BFK paper; 56 x 32 cm; 2017
woodcut, digital and collage print
'musician' digital print with layered and cut paper; proof; 2017

mixed media on canvas
Excavation: mixed media on canvas; 50 x 50 cm; 2015

mixed media on wood
Significant other: mixed media on board; 50 x 50 cm; 2015acrylic on canvas
The Gathering: acrylic on canvas; 60 x 80 cm; 2016