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intersect - Artist's book artist's book page
intersect / intersecar: artist's book contained in wooden box, digital printing with stencils and paper structure 2017
Ebb and Flow:
Artist's book; mixed media; contained in wooden box;
32 cm x 56cm; 2015
artists book / ebb and flow
Dot Dash: artist's book, mixed media;
50 x 30 cm; 2016
dot dash / artist's book
artist's book wooden box
As I hung from a Rock; A E Jordan; prints by Arvon Wellen; mixed media in wooden box; 2014
artist's book page
artists book Brigid
Brigid sat by the fire: woodcut, lithography, digital and pochoir; book in clear acrylic box; 26 x 17 x 5 cm 2016. 44 pages of text plus 27 illustrations by Arvon Wellen, printed at the Aragó Press 2015.
Brigid sat by the fire argues that Prometheus was not the bringer of fire to the human race, whoever brought fire must have been a woman. The text and images trace the association between women and fire from the very beginning to twentieth-first century factory fires. Most of the story is the association between women as makers of pottery but it also includes references to witch burning and domestic fires.
artist's book selection
artist's book courtyard
left: a selection of books printed at the Aragó Press;
above: Courtyard; A E Jordan; prints by Arvon Wellen; 2013
artist's books arago press
artist's book Bede
above left: Bede and Hetton to Sunderland; printed at the Aragó Press 2011 and 2012; text and digital and lithographic prints by Arvon Wellen. Above right: Bede and the Shipbuilder's Wife; Text and prints by Arvon Wellen; 2011
artists book encounter artist's book encounter
artist's book maison
above: Rush of Encounter: text by Noele Rose; prints by Arvon Wellen; 2014
Dans la Maison Familiale: Noele Rose & Cedric Monzali; prints by Arvon Wellen; 2012
artist's book etheldreda
Etheldreda: Text and prints Arvon Wellen; 2007
This book was devised to compliment the exhibition in Ely Cathedral in 2007.
artist's book group O
artist's book 3 poems
3 poems; A E Jordan; images by Arvon Wellen; the text was printed by laser printer and the image was produced by photo serigraphy; 21 x 14 cm; 1987 (right) Group O; text A E Jordan; design Arvon Wellen; 21 x 14 cm; 1997
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